A Call for Peace

In the strongest terms possible, we condemn the attack against the sovereign nation of Ukraine. We believe all people should have the right to exercise the freedom to choose their own government, freedom of conscience, and the right to live without the fear of oppression. We hope for a quick and peaceful resolution. We hope that in the near future we can embrace our Russian and Ukrainian colleagues and friends in the spirit of peace and reconciliation.

ICO-25/OWLS-16 World congress

The General ICO Meeting took place in Dresden (Germany) from 5 till 9 September 2022.

Nobel Prize for Quantum OPTICs

John Clauser, Alain Aspect and Anton Zeilinger won the Nobel Prize in Physics 2022

eosam 2022 in porto

The European Optical community celebrated its anual meeting in Porto (Portugal).

The physics benevolent fund

An initiative of The Institute of Physics that offers financial help during tough times.


IUPAP Young Scientist prize in optics
ico galileo galilei medal award
ICO/ICTP GallieNo denardo award

Costa Rica 27-31 March 2023

XI Iberoamerican Optics Metting
XIV Iberoamerican meeting in Optics, Lasers and Applications