Hamas-Israel Conflict:
A Plea for Compassion and Peace

The world has looked on with sadness, disbelief and shock at the great human tragedy that has unfolded in Israel and Gaza. Thousands of innocent civilians both within Israel and Gaza, many of them children, have been killed and tens of thousands have been injured. We call on both parties to respect the dignity of human life, the basic human rights of all individuals and replace conflict with compassion.


To Carlos García-Hernández from the University of Salamanca, Spain “for his seminal contributions in the theory and modeling of laser- driven high harmonic generation and understanding how to manipulate their waveforms to impart orbital and spin photon angular momentum”

ICO Galielo Galilei Medal Award

To to Dr. Rahman Chowdhury Mahdy from North South University, Bashundhara, Bangladesh “for his outstanding contributions in the areas of optical (main) and quantum mechanical manipulation achieved under comparatively difficult circumstances”.

ICO-IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Optics

To Carlos A. Ríos Ocampo, Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland, USA “for pioneering the integration of phase change materials with photonic integrated circuits for a wide range of applications”.

Bureau meeting in south aFrica 

The ICO Bureau met in South Africa during the celebration of the Congress “Optics & Photonics Africa 2023” from 6 to 11 November. The meeting was chaired by the ICO Vice-President appointed by OPTICA Yaseera Ysmail .

AOP 2024
Aveiro, Portugal
16-19 July 2024

6th International Conference on Application of Optics and Photonics


IUPAP Young Scientist prize in optics
ico galileo galilei medal award
ICO/ICTP GallieNo denardo award