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July 2001, No. 48


International Commission for Optics.

Bureau members : President : A.H. Guenther ;

Past-President : T. Asakura ; Treasurer : G.T. Sincerbox.

Secretary : P. Chavel, Institut d'Optique, B.P. 147, 91403 Orsay cedex, France, fax +33 1 69 35 87 00, e-mail

Associate Secretary, in charge of Meetings : A.T. Friberg, Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Physics - Optics, SE-100 44 Stockholm, fax : +46 8 789 6672,

Vice-Presidents, elected : M.L. Calvo, R. Dändliker, A.A. Friesem, J. Ojeda-Castañeda, U. Kim, G.C. Righini, C. Sheppard, L. Wang

Vice-Presidents, appointed : H.H. Arsenault (SPIE), D.A.B. Miller (IEEE/LEOS), B.E.A. Saleh (OSA), T. Tschudi (EOS)

ICTP/ICO 2001 award winners: Arashmid Nahal and Fernando Perez Quintian

The 2001 ICO/ICTP award was awarded jointly to two recipients, Arashmid Nahal of Iran and Fernando Perez Quintian of Argentina. ICTP and ICO established this award in 1999 to recognize researchers under 40 years of age originating from developing countries and conducting research in developing countries.

The award was presented to Nahal and Perez Quintian during the ICTP Winter College on Laser Spectroscopy and Applications, Trieste, February 19 - March 2, 2001 in the presence of Prof. G. Denardo of ICTP and Prof. A. Consortini, former President of ICO, and the two recipients delivered an invited lecture.


Arashmid Nahal received his B.Sc. degree in Applied Physics from the University of Tehran, Iran, in 1989, his M.SC. degree in Optics and Spectroscopy from Kharkov State University, Ukraine, in 1996, and his Ph.D. degree in Optics and Laser Physics from the same university in 1999, where he had been working under the supervision of Prof. Vladimir K. Miloslavsky on the influence of the polarization on radiation-induced formation of spontaneous periodic structures in thin photosensitive films. Dr Nahal's dissertation is published as a series of articles in international journals and contains the results of research into the causes of generation and the development of periodic structures induced by a single laser beam of controlled polarization in waveguiding AgCl-Ag films. Experimental methods were elaborated to study the temporal evolution of the spontaneous gratings. Under elliptically polarized light, spontaneous micro-gratings are formed in the film in a direction that depends on ellipticity. The effect is related to the scattering of transverse electric modes on the anisotropic silver particles, which arises just before micro-grating generation. With his team, Dr Nahal showed that in complicated evolution of the structures under successive action of linearly and circularly polarized beams, two-dimensional Bragg diffraction of transverse electric modes plays a crucial role. The influence of photo-induced gyrotropy by a circularly polarized beam was established. New properties were found to occur during grating formation under the action of a non normally incident circularly polarized beam. On the basis of the Weigert effect and spontaneous grating formation, Dr Nahal and his colleagues proposed two new methods for recording polarization spectra in the visible region. The results of this work may impact polarization holography and polarization dependant recording of information. Dr Nahal authored more than 20 publications in journals and conferences. He is presently investigating the interaction of high power argon ion laser beams with silver ion dopted glass at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Basic Sciences, Zanjan, Iran, where he is an Assistant Professor of Physics.


Fernando Perez Quintián, received his MS degree and his PhD. in physics from the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1995 and 2000 respectively.

He worked mainly in the field of metrology of rough surfaces using light scattering and speckle techniques, as a researcher at the Laboratorio de Aplicaciones Ópticas within the Department of Physics of the School of Engineering of the Universidad de Buenos Aires. He has been teaching at the Universidad de Buenos Aires for twelve years and is now working as an Assistant Professor at the School of Engineering of that University. His research interests are light scattering, metrology, laser ultrasonics and interferometry. Most of his work has been published and was well received by the community. He has represented his country in several national and international conferences. During the last year he also worked in the field of laser generated ultrasonics, and at present he is the recipient of a fellowship from the government of Argentina, spending a sabbatical period at the Departamento de Óptica de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain, in the field of optical coding of movement.

The call for nominations for the 2002 award is published in this Newsletter. The award committee consists of two representatives from ICTP and two from ICO: for the period 1999 - 2002, these are, for ICTP, Prof. G. Denardo of Università di Trieste, Italy, and Dr Miltcho Danailov of Syncrotrone Trieste, and for ICO, former ICO President Prof. A. Consortini of Università di Firenze, Italy, and ICO Vice-President Prof. A.A. Friesem of the Weizmann Institute, Israel, who is the chairperson of the committee.


2002 ICO/ICTP Award call for nominations: deadline October 1st.

ICO, the International Commission for Optics, and ICTP, the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, have agreed to establish a joint prize, called the ICO/ICTP Award. It is reserved for young researchers from developing countries (as defined by the United Nations), who conduct their research in a developing country. The award will be given to scientists less than 40 years old (on December 31 of the year for which the award is given), who are active in research in Optics and have contributed to the promotion of research activities in Optics in their own or another developing country. While the ICO web page has complete information, the following should be appropriate to prepare a nomination.

The award consists of the following:

  1. the ICO gives a cash amount of US$1000 and a diploma.
  2. The ICTP invites the winner to attend a three weeks College at Trieste at the next appropriate opportunity, and to give a seminar on his/her work when appropriate. ICTP will pay for travel and living expenses.

The award will be delivered to the winner at Trieste in the presence of representatives of ICO and ICTP. The award is given to one person every year. The winner is selected on the basis of nominations received by the Award Committee in response to a call published by both ICO and ICTP. The nominations must be documented by a complete curriculum vitae including a list of publications and selected reprints (no more than three) as well as a complete employment history and a description of the nominee's achievements for the promotion of research activity in developing countries.

Joint Nomination Information

Nominations should include the following:

  • Full name of nominee:
  • Nominator's name and address:
  • Nominator's signature, date
  • Date of birth of nominee:
  • Business address
  • Academic background
  • Education: College or University, Location, Major field, Degree, Year awarded
  • Academic honors
  • Employed history (position, organization, duties, dates)
  • Publications, patents, unpublished reports, papers presented at meetings, etc.
  • Honors and awards:
  • Scientific achievements for which the candidate is nominated for this award.

Nominators are encouraged to generate up to three supporting letters; each supporting letter must come from a different country or ICO Territory and bring an additional information on the case.

Return the above nomination information, together with any supporting documents, no later than October 1st, 2001, to the Award Committee Chair, Prof. Asher A. Friesem, the Weizmann Institute of Science, P.O. Box 26, Rehovot 76100 Israel,, with a copy to Prof. Gallieno Denardo, Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, PO Box 586, I 34100 Trieste, Italy,

Calls for applications for the 2001 ICO Prize and ICO Galileo Galilei Award will be published in the October 2001 issue of this Newsletter.


Obituary: Ung Kim

Professor Ung Kim, Vice President of the International Commission for Optics, passed away on Mar. 15, 2001, due to a sudden heart attack. He was 69 years old. Kim got his Dr. rer. nat. from Bonn University, Germany in 1970. After working at the Institute fur Strahlen and Kernphysik as a research associate, he joined the Korea Institute of Science and Technology, where he developed the first 100 W carbon dioxide laser in Korea. From 1975 through 1980, he worked with the Agency for Defence Development as a principal researcher. In 1980, he became a professor of the Department of Physics at Yonsei University. In 1983, he introduced a nanosecond Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting Sysytem. In addition, in 1994, he developed a Streak Camera system with the help of V-Tek and Prof. Schelev of GPI. He received a Presidential Award in 1978 and a Prize of Ministry of Education in 1996. Dr. Kim served as the Organizing Chair of the 21st International Congress on High Speed Photography and Photonics and as the President of the Optical Society of Korea in 1993-1995. In that capacity, he was closely involved with the preparation of the ICO XVII congress, that was held in Taejon, Korea, in August 1996. He was elected on the ICO Bureau in 1999. A member of OSA and SPIE, and a former President of the SIPE Korea Chapter, Kim is survived by his wife Young-Chai and daughters, Bonnie, Kyoung-Hwa, and Il-Young. The ICO Bureau would like to convey his warm sympathy to his relatives and colleagues and express his appreciation for his service to the Optical community worldwide.


News from ICO Members

Tunisia joins ICO

The ICO Bureau has approved Associate Membership in ICO for the newly formed Tunisian Committee for Optics. Prof. Zohra Ben Lakhdar of University Tunis El Manar has been appointed the first chair of the Committee, which has been supported by the Tunisian Astronomical Society and approved by the State Secretary for Science and Technology. ICO membership includes two categories: Territorial Committee members, that represent an identified optical science and engineering community in a well defined geographical area - in most cases, a country - and International Society Members, that with the participation of their individual members develop activity in the field of Optics on an international level. The next ICO General Meeting, which will be held in Florence, Italy, in August 2002, will be asked to consider full Territorial Committee membership for Tunisia.

The Optical Committee of Turkey: news and organization

The Optical Committee of Turkey (OCT) was founded in 1996. It is the body representing Turkey at the International Commission for Optics (ICO), of which Turkey has been a member since January 1, 1997. The Committee is endorsed by the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). As such, the OCT is the leading body representing the field of optics in Turkey.

Professionals as well as students, who work or do research in the field of Optics in Turkey, are entitled to become members of the OCT. Currently, the OCT membership includes most researchers and educators in the area of optics in Turkey. Most members have advanced degrees and are active in teaching and/or research and development.

The OCT list server, which can be accessed at, creates a forum for all scientists and educators in the field of Optics in Turkey to gather and discuss the issues, which are important and timely.

The Information Super-Highway is here to stay, and to control global development. OCT has to move on this Super-Highway, and expand its impact in the field of Optics in Turkey. Thus OCT has recently launched its new website, which can be accessed at

We firmly believe that this new website will enable us to further exchange ideas and make our organization stronger, and take great strides towards accomplishing its goals.

Dr. Ali Serpengüzel, President, Optical Committee of Turkey.


The ICTP/TWAS Books and Journals Donation Program

ICO has been collaborating with the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) for several years now in organizing winter schools, "colleges" and meetings on Optics that were held in Trieste and in other places and have been met with appreciation. It may be appropriate at this point to publicize the Books and Journals Donation Program that is operated jointly by ICTP and by the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS). An organization located in Trieste, Italy, and devoted to the development of physics in parts of the world where the development of science requires particular attention, ICTP has established together with TWAS a program for the donation of books, conference proceedings and journals for the benefit of libraries in regions of the world where the scientific collections are particularly wanting. If you have books, proceedings of conferences or back issues of Optics (or in general Physics) journals that you would be willing to donate, or if you know someone who does, you may want to take part in the program. It is operated as follows: ICTP and TWAS maintain a list of libraries with the publications that they would particularly like to receive. Please send the name of the books, proceedings or journals that you are considering donating to the address below. For journals, please mention the years and volume numbers. Professor Cerdeira will reply to you with a suggestion of places where to ship the journals. Recent volumes are in general particularly welcome, but collections extending over a long period of time are highly appreciated as well. The recipient libraries may contribute reimbursing the shipment costs, which are otherwise born by ICTP/TWAS after approval.

The approval procedure is as follows: the ICTP/TWAS Donation Programme needs to receive the following documents:

  • a description of the material to be sent
  • expression of willingness of the donor to send the material
  • acceptance of the Institution that will receive them (fax or letter)
  • complete addresses both from donor as well as recipient institution
  • an estimate of costs.

After the ICTP/TWAS Donation Programme receives the above mentioned information, they will inform the donor about their decision regarding funding the particular shipment. Then they should receive an invoice, and the appropriate bank data for payment.

Reimbursement will be made after the Institution that receives the material acknowledges its receipt by fax or letter (e-mail is not a legal document for the auditors), with proper identification of the material received, and of its origin. For more information, please visit the URL site:

Address: Professor H. Cerdeira, ICTP, P.O. Box 586, I 34100 Trieste, Italy, tel. +39-040-224 0634, fax +39 - 040 -224 0633, e-mail"


Forthcoming events with ICO participation

12-24 August 2001
Int'l Summer College on Optics and Photonics

Tabriz, Iran
Prof. H. Tajalli, Center for Applied Physics and Astronomical Research, Univ. of Tabriz, Iran
fax. +98 41 334 7050,,

3-7 September 2001

Tandil, Argentina
Prof. G.H. Kaufmann, Inst. de Física Rosario (CONICET-UNR), Bvd. 27 de Febrero 210 bis, 2000 Rosario, Argentina, fax. +54 341 482 1772,, secretariat,

Postponed to a future date

(originally planned 9-13 September 2001)

ICO Topical Meeting, Information Optics
Caesarea, Israel
Prof. Asher A. Friesem, Dept. of Physics of Complex Systems, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot 76100, Israel
fax. +972 8 934 4109,,

27-30 November 2001
7th Conf. on Education and Training in Optics and Photonics (ETOP 2001)

Dr. Tuan-Kay Lim,
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University,
Nanyang Ave., Singapore 639798, fax. +65 791 2687/792 0415

8-11 April 2002
Optics in Computing 2002

Taipei, Taiwan
Prof. Chung J. Kuo, Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering,
National Chung Cheng University, Chaiyi, Taiwan 62107
fax. +886 5 272 2702,

8-12 July 2002
Ilt'l Laser Radar Conference (ILRC 21)

Quebec City, Canada
Dr. Luc R. Bissonnette, Defence Research Establishment Valcartier (DREV),
2459 Pie-XI Blvd. North, Val-Belair, QC
G3J 1X5, Canada, fax. +1 418 844 4511

25-31 August 2002
ICO-19, Triennial Congress of the
International Commission for Optics

"Optics for the Quality of Life"
Florence, Italy
Dr. Giancarlo C. Righini,
IROE "N. Carrara" - CNR, Via Panciatichi 64, I-50127 Firenze, Italy
fax. +39 055 412878,,