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Frank Höller

ICO mourns the passing away of Dr Frank Höller (ICO Associated Secretary).

photo   We are all deeply saddened by the unexpected sudden death of our colleague and friend  Frank Höller, who passed away in the age of 65 on Easter Sunday April 4th, 2021. As ICO Vice-President (2011- 2017) and later as Associate Secretary,  he took an important active role in shaping the ICO. Especially his outstanding commitment in the activities of the EXECOM resulted in important contributions to the stand of ICO in the international network of scientific organizations. The improvement of the interaction between optical industry and academia was one of his key topics especially as a Vice-President elected from industry. Here his long years of experience in leading positions including that of the Chair of the German Society for Applied Optics (DGaO) allowed him to creatively represent in an ideal way a bridge between science and industry.  


He was convinced that in order to use the large amount of scientific knowledge in the international optical community for progress in society it is of utmost importance to enable free exchange of knowledge between scientists on a national as well as on an international level. And he saw the ICO as a perfect platform to enable such an exchange  with a special emphasis on developing countries. In this sense he used intensively his privileged position as an Associate Secretary of ICO to encourage, organize and support such scientific conferences. We are thankful to Frank Höller that despite his time-consuming and labor-intensive professional commitment for the new company “Scantinel Photonics” he intensively took care as Associate Secretary especially of the support of international conferences of ICO members.

We will sorely miss his experience as well as his balancing advices and creative proposals in the German Territorial Committee and the EXECOM – not to forget his invaluable engagement as co-chair in the preparation of the World Congress on Optics and Photonics ICO25-OWLS16 in Dresden, Germany, which due to the COVID pandemic had to be shifted to September 2022. In addition, based on his experience as initiator of the “Young Scientist Award” of the DGaO he was predestined to be chair of the committee for the “IUPAP-ICO Young Scientist Prize in Optics” (2014 – 2017). With this work as a whole, he has left a lasting mark on the ICO and far beyond. Yet, besides these outstanding professional achievements and activities for the ICO first and foremost we will miss a supporter and friend. Our thoughts and sympathy go to his family, especially his wife and daughter whom we wish all strength to deal with this dramatic loss.

The ICO Community will miss him.

Gert von Bally ICO VP Appointed by OWLS