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News Letter April 2018

April 2018 Number 115


Querétaro welcomes the Mexican Photonics Cluster:

An innovation ecosystem for the optics and photonics industry established in Mexico.


After almost four years of very intense work within the Mexican Photonics Initiative, MPI, (ICO Newsletter 109), last January 30, 2018, the Mexican state of Querétaro, located in central Mexico, was finally selected to host the Mexican Photonics Cluster, MPC, an innovation-oriented ecosystem to be developed in order to foster the optics and photonics industries in Mexico. The establishment of the MPC was highlighted as the key recommendation of “Towards a Brighter Mexico: A Technology Roadmap for Optics and Photonics”, developed by ProMéxico with the collaboration of the International Commission for Optics, released last November 9, 2016 (ICO Newsletter 110) and available in Spanish and English for download at:

The MPC is expected to attract foreign and local private and public investment to fund the construction of an approximately 10 sq-km shared-facilities complex, hosting several fabrication laboratories, cutting-edge scientific tools, such as an ultra-high power laser, incubators, accelerators, products testing and certification laboratories, a university offering optics and photonics engineer-oriented programs, as well as all other educational level schools, sports, cultural and leisure installations. The Clúster Mexicano de Fotónica, A. C., a non-for-profit organization especially constituted last May 16, 2017, in order to promote the development of this innovation ecosystem (, is fully focused in providing the R&D laboratories and optics and photonics related companies establishing in the MPC, with the required innovation platform to position Mexico as the leading economy in Latin America.

The MPC shows that Mexico has in-practice, recognized the optics and photonics enabling sector, as one of the missing key parts to enrich the production chains of many other important industries for the North American highly integrated regional economy, such as the aero-space, automotive, electronic devices, bio-medical devices, etc., some of them with a strong presence in Mexico from a few decades now. Among many other advantages the Mexican economy offers to the optics and photonics industry, are its high manufacturing and logistics capacity and infrastructure; its mature and large network of free-trade agreements, recently increased with the signature of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership; its demographics based in a large portion of the Mexican population reaching its most productive years; its strong and stable macro economy; and its strategic geographical location, which for centuries has served as crossing platform for goods and products between the North and South Americas, but also between the Asian and European regions.

April 2, 2018.

Eric Rosas

ICO appointed vice president by RIAO


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