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Celebrating the centenary of the Institut d'Optique

October 2017 Number 113

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Celebrating the centenary of the Institut d'Optique

Legal domicile of the ICO since its birth.

The Institut d’Optique, 2 avenue Augustin Fresnel, 91120 Palaiseau, France, has been the legal domicile and the home of the ICO since its founding in 1917. The Institut d’Optique, whose activities have been “inspired by light” since then, is the oldest higher-education and research institution devoted to optics and photonics in the world.

The Institut d’Optique celebrates its centennial during the week of 9–13 October. Centennial activities in its three sites include conferences, exhibits, and guided visits. Invited scientists from all over the world will attend a special ceremony on 13 October – a soirée forum on science and innovation. Benjamin Vest will present the conference “De l’optique à la photonique, 100 ans d’histoire de l’Institut d’Optique”, and the final speech of the ceremony will be delivered by Alain Aspect, ICO Prize 1987, emphasizing the international relations and global impact of the Institut d’Optique. Invitees will have the opportunity to visit the exhibits “100 ans d’histoire de l’Institut d’Optique”, “Projets innovants en photonique”, and enjoy a laser show by Minuit Une. Marking the celebration will be the publication of the Book of the Centennial, retracing 100 years of the history of optics and photonics in France.

The ICO-24 General Assembly, gathered in Tokyo, Japan, approved unanimously the fol- lowing motion by ICO secretary-general Prof. Angela Guzmán: “The General Assembly of the International Commission for Optics congratulates the Institut d’Optique on its centennial, and expresses its gratitude for having served as the hosting institution of ICO since its origin”.

For more information see the official video: “Centenaire de l’Institut d’Optique” at