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AOP 2017

July 2017 Number 112

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AOP 2017

Third triennial international conference on Applications of Optics and Photonics

 Best PhD Thesis 2015 winner Marta Ferreira and her supervisor Dr Orlando Frazão of INESC-Tec. Manuel Filipe Costa, SPOF President, is on the left.

Celebrating optics and photonics and its outstanding positive impact in the world and in our everyday life, largely resulting from the current remarkable success and fast sustainable development in O&P research, the Portuguese Society for Optics and Photonics, SPOF – Sociedade Portuguesa para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Óptica e Fotónica, successfully organised its third triennial international conference on Applications of Optics and Photonics, 8–12 May, at the University of Algarve in the lovely city of Faro, Portugal.

The conference aims to establish cooperation with colleagues and institutions from all around the world while increasing the external visibility of Portugal’s optics and photonics research.

The success of the conference is due to the enthusiastic commitment of the Portuguese optics and photonics community and of our friends from all over the world, the endorsement and active support of the most important international scientific optics societies – ICO, SPIE, EOS, RIAO; several national societies committees and boards – SEDOPTICA, AMO, CTOM, STO, OPSS, CVO, RCO, SOFE and SPF; photonics and optics industries compa- nies and projects and initiatives – LaserLab, iBROW, INNOVA, Laser World of Photonics, OPA, OQEJ-Springer, adLASER, MTBrandão; and contribution of the authors of the 191 effectively presented works in all domains of optics and photonics.

 Opening session (left to right), Prof. Efrain Solarte, president of the Iberoamerican Optics Network – RIAO/SOPHIA; Prof. Jürgen Jans, president of the European Optical Society, EOS; Dr Robert Lieberman, immediate past- president of SPIE; Prof. Angela Guzman, secretary of the ICO; Prof. Manuela David, Pro-Rector of University of Algarve; Prof. Maria de Lurdes Cristiano, director of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Algarve; Prof. Manuel Filipe Costa, president of the Portuguese Society for Optics and Photonics, SPOF, and chair of the conference; Prof. Jose Figueiredo, local organizing committee from University of Algarve.

The nearly 200 works presented, and the 34 invited lectures from world-leading scientists, including 7 plenary lectures, gave an excellent overview of the state of the art in optics and photonics research across the world pointing our perspectives of future developments.

Well over one third of the 149 participants were students, this percentage increasing to nearly 50% among the Portuguese participants. The support of the International Commission for Optics to the conference helped the participation of 17 students. EOS and SPIE awarded prizes, respectively, to the best students’ poster presentations and best students’ research works presented at the conference. At the closing ceremony of the conference, the 2014 and 2015 SPOF’s Best PhD Thesis in Portugal in Optic and Photonics were awarded to Hugo Martins (Distributed and Remote Fiber Sensing Assisted by Raman Effect) and to Marta Ferreira (Fiber Sensing Based on New Structures and Post-Processing Enhancement) both former students of the University of Porto.

The development of the scientific and technological research in optics and photonics in Portugal over the last decades and the success of the previous editions of SPOF’s conference, lead us to change the periodicity of our AOP conferences to biannual. The next conference will be held 3–7 June 2019, in Lisbon. We are looking forward to another exciting and most enjoyable conference.

Manuel Filipe Costa, president SPOF

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