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ICO 24th General Assembly

July 2017 Number 112

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ICO 24th General Assembly

Agenda and delegates

The Agenda for the ICO 24th General Assembly is available at the ICO website. The General Assembly will be held in two separate sessions. The first session is mainly devoted to reports of the ICO Bureau members and chairs of the ICO Committee will be held during the second session. Each ICO Territorial Committee has the number of votes specified in the Shares and votes 2017 section “Members” in the ICO website, which can be cast by its official delegates. The Territorial Committee representatives and the International Society Members are expected to communicate to the ICO Secretariat who will be their official delegates.

A Member who is unable to send a delegate to the General Meeting but wishes to vote on appropriate matters appearing on the Agenda, may send its vote in writing to the president. Alternately, it may give a proxy to another member of the same category. A proxy delegation can be accredited by filling in the delegate form available at the ICO website. To be valid, votes sent to the president should be made in writing and proxies must be received by the ICO Secretariat prior to the first session of the General Assembly.

The triannual report of the ICO, “Towards ICO 24” will be available online and a printed copy will be mailed to each ICO Member. There have been some modifications proposed to the Rules of Code and Practice, that will be subject to vote by the General Assembly.

As reported in former ICO Newsletters, the ICO Bureau prepared a proposal for an ICO Strategic Plan for the period 2017–2023, that might guide the ICO towards a closer integration with other ICSU Members, particularly in the case that the ICSU General Assembly to be held in Taipei in October 2017, approves the application of the ICO to become an ICSU Union. The Strategic Plan has been posted on the ICO website for several months, and the comments received will be published in the ICO Greenbook.

According with the ICO Statutes, the following business will be carried out at the General Meetings: (a) election of the Bureau; (b) examination of a Financial Statement presented by the Bureau; (c) agreement on a provisional budget for future years; (d) discussion of questions submitted by the ICO Members, the Bureau or the Executive Council of IUPAP.

Please note that for any issue to be considered by the ICO General Assembly, the question should be submitted in advance to the ICO Secretariat. Alternatively, subjects not on the Provisional Draft Agenda may be added at the meeting with the consent of a simple majority of the votes of Members represented at the meeting. We are looking forward to seeing you at ICO-24 in Tokyo.

Angela Guzmán, ICO Secretary, 2014–2017

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