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July 2016 Number 108


Working towards ICO-24 in 2017

Past ICO president Duncan Moore calls for ICO officer nominations.

Duncan T Moore

Next year, the ICO Bureau will be reconstituted through elections by territorial member participation. As past-president of ICO, I assume the chairmanship of the Nominating Committee with three additional members, Maria Calvo, Ari Friberg and one other, as yet to be determined. We will be overseeing the nomination process and the election at the ICO-24 Triennial Congress of the International Commission for Optics in Tokyo, Japan, 22–27 September 2017. Candidates are now sought for the offices of president, secretary, associate secretary, treas- urer, and eight elected vice-presidents, of which two must, according to the bylaws, represent industry. There are in addition several vice-presidents appointed by large optics-related societies and professional organizations that are associate members of the ICO Bureau.

A letter requesting nominations has, along with election procedures, already been sent to the Territorial Committees, and an additional letter will be forwarded to remind the territories of their responsibilities. We hope to have a varied list of candidates in place by 28 February 2017, at which time all members will receive information as to the nominated candidates so that they can identify those that they wish to support for any specific office. It should be remembered that nominations for all positions/ officers close only 24 hours before the second business meeting of the International Commission for Optics General Assembly in Tokyo.

This is one of the most significant and important activities for ICO members. Their vote, in large measure, will determine the character of the ICO going forward in what our community will consider as important actions to enlarge the presence of optics and photonics all over the world, not restricted to science and technology platforms but also in education, promotion of young researchers and entrepreneurship programmes. Moreover, we need a worldwide distribution of candidates that areas of optics and photonics.

Your nominations should be emailed to me at Do not miss this opportunity; we need your voice and ideas.

Duncan T Moore
ICO Past President
Chair of the ICO Nomination Committee.

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