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Colombian company successful for second year

April 2016 Number 107

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Colombian company successful for second year

Colombian company receives awards for Excellence in Holography.

 Left: “Colombian Ethnic Children” Hologram, winner of the 2014 “Best Origination” and “Best of Year” Excellence in Holography awards. Middle: “Holographic Magical Realism: Tribute to Gabriel García Márquez 1927–2014.” Upon 180-degree rotation of the hologram, the portrait of the Nobel prize-winning author dissolves into a portrait of one of the characters of his novels. Right: The “Powerful Chinese Dragon” Hologram displays an animated dragon symbolizing power, strength, wealth, and good luck.

For two years in a row, Combustión Ingenieros S.A.S, a Bogota, Colombia, based company specializing in holographic security labels, has received awards for Excellence in Holography from the International Hologram Manufacturers Association. The hologram “Colombian Ethnic Children”, designed by Colombian artist Diego Aguilar, shows representations of four different Colombian ethnic minority: Afro- Colombians from the Pacific Coast; the Nukak Maku, a tribe from the Amazon rainforest; the Rom, a group of nomadic clans; and the Raizales from the Caribbean islands of San Andrés and Providencia. Each of the children has a particular combination of colours and effects, such as kinetic effects, high-resolution micro-texts, Fresnel lenses, and encrypted images.

The 2015 “Best Origination” award was for the hologram “Holographic Magical Realism: a Tribute to Gabriel García Márquez 1927– 2014”. A second hologram, “Powerful Chinese Dragon” received a commendation. The Garcia Marquez hologram, competed against 52 holograms from different countries. Also designed by Diego Aguilar, this hologram is a tribute to the Colombian Nobel Prize winner in Literature. In upright orientation, the hologram shows a portrait of Garcia Marquez; when rotated 180 degrees, it shows the face of one of the characters in the author’s novels.

The hologram “Powerful Chinese Dragon”, which received a commendation, shows a carving-like dragon that is highlighted by a 3D animation. This hologram was designed as a tribute to China, the hosting country of the Excellency in Holography awards in 2015. In the Chinese culture, the Dragon represents power, strength, wealth and good luck.

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