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ICO at the closing ceremony of the IYL 2015

April 2016 Number 107

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ICO at the closing ceremony of the IYL 2015

Held in Mérida, México on 4–6 February 2016.

 ICO representatives at the closing ceremony of the IYL 2015. From left: John Howell, Mourad Zghal, Seung Jong Park, Duncan T Moore, Yasuhiko Arakawa, Giancarlo Righini, Angela Guzmán, Joseph Niemela and Roberta Ramponi.

Members of the ICO Bureau and several ICO Territorial Committee Representatives attended the closing ceremony of the International Year of Light 2015. The ceremony was held in the Convention Center of Mérida, México.

The ICO received 10 invitations for ICO delegates, which were distributed between ICO Bureau Members.Invited lecturers included two Nobel prizewinners in physics, John Mather (2006) and Shuji Nakamura (2014), and many other distinguished scientists who offer a wide scientific panorama from a global perspective. The ceremony included a film and video festival, where a glimpse of world productions related to the IYL was provided, and a special Colloquium on artificial lighting intended as a forum for dialogue between architects, engineers, designers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs in the lighting industry, and the general public.

The ICO congratulates those who conceived the idea of an IYL and gives thanks to members of the ICO Territorial Commitees and ICO Member Societies who worked hard throughout the year to make it a great success. In particular, we congratulate John Dudley, a member of the editorial committee of the ICO Newsletter, on the tireless leadership that he provided, and Jospeh Niemela, ICO vice-president, who oversaw the IYL Secretariat at the ICTP. 

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