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ICO award for the promotion of Optics & Photonics

April 2016 Number 107

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ICO award for the promotion of Optics & Photonics

A legacy of the IYL 2015.

 First (top) and second (bottom) prizewinners in the oneday science fair “Amazing Light”.

During the IYL 2015, the ICO created the ICO Award for the promotion of Optics & Photonics among young people in the ICO Territories. A first prize was awarded to the Spanish Society of Optics and Photonics, and two others to the Cuban Territorial Committee and to a high school in Italy, the L’IIS Cavazzi Pavullo, leader school of the European Project MoM (Matters Of Matter).

The L’IIS Cavazzi organized a one-day national science fair called “Amazing light” open to middle- and high-school students at national level. It will continue its activities beyond the IYL 2015 and is announcing the first National Science Fair dedicated to new materials and their experimental study, in particular materials that interact with light, related technologies and their potential impact on the sustainable development of the society. The fair is convened on the occasion of The Month of STEM 2016 and includes a special section dedicated to the best projects submitted by girls.

Further activities are the preparation of a science show within the Bergamo Science Festival 2016 and the Euro Science Show Conference 2017. The ICO will continue awarding annually this prize as part of the legacy of the IYL 2015.


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