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First ICO travelling lecturer co-sponsored by IOP

October 2015 Number 105

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First ICO travelling lecturer co-sponsored by IOP

First Prize awarded to the Spanish Society of Optics & Photonics (SEDOPTICA) The Institute of Physics joins the ICO in joint sponsorship.


 Group of attendees to the lecture series by Colin Sheppard at the University of Buenos Aires.

The Institute of Physics (IOP) has joined the International Commission for Optics in sponsoring the ICO travelling lecturer programme, which enables scientists of international reputation to lecture on modern aspects of optics and photonics.

This year, the IOP co-sponsored a lecture series by Prof. Colin Sheppard, who attended the XVII Giambiagi Winter School Light and Light Based Technologies from 3 to 7 August 2015 at the Physics Department of the School of Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The subjects selected for this year offered students and young researchers from the region the opportunity to learn the latest developments in the field of optics and photonics from well known specialists.

Professor Sheppard gave three lectures on the focusing of light, confocal microscopy and superresolution and phase contrast imaging. He interacted with students and young researchers in the poster session. He also contributed with discussions with researchers in the Image Processing Laboratory of the same institution. As a consequence of this fruitful interaction, the possibility if a longer research visit is being considered.

Participants in the school and workshop totalled 86. They came from different parts of Argentina (79), Colombia (3), and Uruguay (4). The school was targeted at a broad audience mainly composed of graduate and undergraduate students and young researchers. There were many rich discussions and interactions between participants and the lecturers during school.



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