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Vadim Parfenov reports on ICO Lecturer Tour in Cuba

July 2015 Number 104

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Vadim Parfenov reports on ICO Lecturer Tour in Cuba

Vadim Parfenov attended the Conference on Optics, Photonics and Photosciences (CIOFF 2014), in Havana, Cuba on 13–17 October 2014.


There were approximately 80 attendees, including about 35 students, PhD students and young scientists from Cuba and other Latin-American countries. Within the programme of the conference I gave an invited lecture entitled “Laser Techniques in Artworks Conservation”. Among the attendees there was a big group of specialists (about 10) from the Cooperacion Internacional, Officina del Historiador de la cuidade la Habana. I visited the Institute of Materials Science and Technology (IMRE), which is a branch of the Havana University. At the IMRE, I gave two seminars that overviewed the research activity of the St Petersburg State Electrotechnical University in the field of laser physics and microelectronics. Special consideration was given to the fundamentals of laser techniques intended for the analysis and restoration of artworks. Also, I highlighted some important case studies concerning the use of lasers in cultural heritage preservation in St Petersburg. These seminars were attended by about 15 specialists from the Centro de Aplicaciones Tecnologicas y Dessarrolo Nuclear and from other Cuban R&D institutes photo

The impressions that I had during my visit to Cuba were very strong and positive. I was impressed by the high level of research activity and innovative ideas of local specialists. I realised that all the people that I met in Havana are very intelligent, smart and friendly. I expect that my visit will result in establishing more close collaborative links between the St Petersburg State Electrotechnical University and the scientific community of Cuba. I also hope that my lecturers and seminars were useful and interesting for local specialists and students.

Vadim Parfenov

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