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Traveling Lecturer Program

ICO established in 1988 a Traveling Lecturer Program to promote lectures on modern aspects of optics in interested territories by scientists of international reputation with good lecturing skills. The program is aimed specially at developing nations, but is not necessarily restricted to them. It is hoped that visits will lead to closer collaboration between the lecturer and the scientists of the destination territory. As a rule, it is expected that the lecturer's local expenses will be met by the host institution and that ICO's contribution will be towards the travel costs. Generally, these grants will not be awarded simply to support international conference attendance.

Within the financial limits of the budget, an ICO Committee, with the ICO Treasurer as chairperson, decides on the ICO Traveling Lecturer grants. Typically, an individual grant will be limited to US$1,000 or less. This Committee in principle does not meet, but works by mail and telecommunication facilities so as to secure the fastest response compatible with good operation.

Successful applicants will be asked to serve as an "ambassador" from ICO. Upon returning, the applicant will be asked to complete a trip report detailing the state of science in the visited region (active programs, schools, labs, etc.). You may be asked to draft a short article on your trip and experiences for the ICO Newsletter published periodically with four issues per year. ICO Newsletter is printed at the Institute of Physics (IoPP, Bristol, UK) and distributes to all ICO Territorial Committees by ICO Secretariat. Since 2017, the European Optical Society co-sponsors this program with 1.000€ for its members

Scientists or host groups interested in participating in this program should send a letter of application by e-mail to the Treasurer of ICO with details of the proposed lecture program and ICO support requested. Official letters of invitation from the local institutions or research centers are also required along with a tentative calendar of activities supported by the host institution. Completed applications should be sent to

Prof. Dr. Joseph Niemela

ICO Treasurer
Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)
Strada Costiera, 11
I-34151 Trieste, Italy