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ICO Galileo Galilei Award 2013

The ICO Galileo Galilei Award 2013 awarded to Kazimierz Rzążewski from Poland


Professor Kazimierz Rzążewski was awarded the 2013 Galileo Galilei Award “for scientific contributions to the area of theoretical quantum optics, ultracold atomic gases and theory of intense laser-matter interactions as well as to the creation of Polish quantum optics school under difficult political circumstances." He was born in Warsaw, Poland, and obtained his Master and PhD degrees in Physics from the Warsaw University, in 1966 and 1972 respectively, and his Habilitation in 1979. Since 1988 he is Professor at the Center for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and during 1998-2002 he was appointed as its director.

His research interests comprise quantum optics, atom optics and fundamental problems of quantum mechanics. His recent work has been centered on the study of cold, quantum degenerate gases, and in particular of the Bose-Einstein condensation. By means of a classical field approximation for temperature effects in a Bose-Einstein condensate, he and his co-workers have recently predicted spontaneously generated solitons in a quasi one-dimensional Bose gas. He is fellow of the American Physical Society since 1998, and of the Institute of Physics (UK) since 2002. Prof. Rzążewski has been member of the organizing committees of a large number of international conferences, between them the organizing committee of the series Quantum Optics that has been held in Poland every four years since 1985; since 2005 he has chaired the Organizing Committee.