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Past Events - 2006

30 January - 10 February 2006
ICTP/ICO Winter College on Classical and Quantum Aspects of Information Optics
Miramare - Trieste, Italy
Prof. G. Denardo, ICTP, I-34014 Trieste, Italy
fax. +39 040 2240 443,

19–20 April 2006
Optique ’06. Rabat, Morocco.
Contact: Prof. Esmail Ahouzi. E-mail:

5–7 June 2006
5th International Workshop on Information Optics. Toledo, Spain.
Contact: Dr G Cristóbal.

28–31 August 2006
8th International Conference “Micro- to NanoPhotonics” – ROMOPTO 2006.
Sibiu/Hermannstadt, Romania.
Contact: Prof. V I Vlad. E-mail:

4-7 September 2006
ICO Topical Meeting on Optoinformatics
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Chairs: Prof. Alexander V. Pavlov (SOI) & Prof. Maria L. Calvo (Univ. Compl. de Madrid)
Contact: Dr. Ekaterina Yutanova, IFMO, 14 Sablinskaya str., St.
Petersburg, 197101, Russia
fax. +7 812 3281467,

26-29 October 2006
7th Int'l Young Scientists Conference "Optics and High Technology Material Science SPO 2006"
Kiev, Ukraine
Chairs: Prof. Leonid V. Poperenko, Kiev Nat'l University & Dr. Mauro F.
Pereira, Tyndall Nat'l Institute, Cork, Ireland
Contact: Viktor O. Lysiuk, prosp. Glushkova 2, bld 1, Kiev 03127, Ukraine
fax. +380 44 5264507,

13–17 November 2006
I Andean and Caribbean Conference on Optics and its Applications
Santiago de Cali, Colombia.
Contact: Prof. E. Solarte,

26–29 November 2006
9th International Conference on Optics Within Life Sciences (OWLS 9)
Taipei, Taiwan.
Contact: Prof. Arthur Chiou,

3–10 December 2006
8th LAM Workshop on Physics and Applications of Lasers
Addis Abeba, Etiopía.
Contact: A Asfaw,

6–8 December 2006
5th International Conference on Optics & Photonics Design and Fabrications-ODF’06
Nara, Japan.
Contact: Prof. Tsuyoshi Hayashi, ,

12–16 December 2006
8th International Conference on Optoelectronics, Fiber-optics and Photonics
Hyderabad, India.
Contact: Prof. D N Rao,