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Sample for a minimal application letter

Draft: application for membership in the International Commission for Optics.

to the ICO Bureau, c.o. ICO Secretary General.

Dear Sir/Madam:

We are pleased to apply herewith for membership of the (country/territory) Committee for Optics to the International Commission for Optics. The application is in the category of "Territorial Committee Member" and corresponds to x unit shares. The membership fees will be paid by....

The Territorial Committee for Optics is established as part of / in association with the (country/territory) Physical society according to the following rules (please adjust to the case ; if there is no Physical society or if no relations are established, the Territorial Committee for Optics may be independent but it must make sure to reach the community of optical science and engineering in the territory):

  1. The Committee will consist of all members of the Physical Society who request to be members of the Territorial Committee for Optics. No additional fee will be requested
  2. It is governed by a Board elected by the members (or appointed by the Physical Society Leadership, or any other rule) and consisting of
    • one President, who will receive all correspondance and be in charge of organizing any local activity of the Committee and of organizing the representation of the Committee in the ICO General Meeting
    • one Vice-President, who will replace the president if needed and may be appointed to take care of specific issues
      (add other Board members such as Secretary, Treasurer, etc., as appropriate).

For a first term, starting on (date), the Board will be composed as follows:

(list of names)

The term of office is three years (for example) ; membership in the board is renewable up to a maximum duration of ... years.

The following measures will be taken to make sure that the Territorial Committee for Optics is representative of the Optical Science and Engineering Community in the Territory: (complete to provide evidence of contacts with universities, government laboratories, private research institutions and industrial laboratories, as appropriate to the local situation).

The Territorial Committee for Optics has been authorized to represent the country/territory at ICO by ... (name of the governmental or government appointed body in charge ; in France, the Academy of Science appoints this kind of Territorial Committees, in some other countries the ministry of Science or the National Science Council is the appropriate body).

The Territorial Committee for Optics herewith agrees to comply with the ICO Statutes and to comply with the rules concerning the free circulation of scientists established by the International Council of Science, ICSU (www/

xx, President, Physical Society
xx, President, Territorial Committee for Optics
Xx, representative of appropriate government agency