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Rules and Code of Practice

10 - ICO Galileo Galilei Medal:

10.1 - The Galileo Galilei medal of ICO is awarded for outstanding contributions to the field of optics which are achieved under comparatively unfavourable circumstances.

10.2.1 - The outstanding contributions in the field of optics should refer to:

- fundamental scientific questions or problems, or

- research or development of optical methods or devices, or

- scientific or technical leadership in the establishment of regional optical centres.

10.2.2 -"Comparatively unfavourable circumstances" refers to difficult economic or social conditions or lack of access to scientific or technical facilities or sources of information.

10.2.3 -The outstanding contributions must be documented, if applicable, by internationally acknowledged publications. Exceptionally, reports can be considered, provided that they are made available to the Award Committee.

10.3 -The award is normally given to one person. Exceptionally, however, if a collective contribution is judged to be worthy of the award a team of several persons may be selected.

10.4 - Every year, the ICO Galileo Galilei Award Committee issues a call for nominations that is published in the ICO Newsletter, receives the nominations and selects the winner for approval by the Bureau at its next meeting. The award need not be given every year if the Bureau so chooses.

10.5- The award consists of:

a) the Galileo Galilei Medal offered by the Italian Society for Optics and Photonics

b) a cash award of an amount determined by the Bureau

c) assistance in travel as determine by the Bureau1 to present an invited paper and receive the award at the next ICO Congress or another ICO meeting mutually agreed to by the Bureau and the award winner2,

d) waiver of registration fees at said meeting

e) special attention and appropriate measures of ICO to support the future activities of the award winner.


1For 2008-2017, these amounts were: a cash award of US$1000 and up to US$1000 towards travel expenses.

2The Società Italiana di Ottica y Fotonica (SIOF) has generously agreed to donate the Medal.



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