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12 – IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Optics:

The IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Optics is an achievement prize established in 2009. It is an IUPAP prize administered by the ICO in a similar manner as the ICO’s own prizes and awards.

General rules

The IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Optics will be awarded annually to a scientist who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of applied optics and photonics and who by the end of the year in which the prize is given has a maximum of eight years of research experience (excluding any career interruptions) after obtaining the doctoral degree. The contribution, which is measured by its scientific impact, must be clearly documented. The IUPAP Prize is strictly an achievement award for an individual in early career. The Prize will be awarded at an ICO conference that is endorsed by the IUPAP.

The IUPAP Prize involves

a) An IUPAP Young Scientist Medal, with the name and discipline (Optics) of the recipient engraved on the back. The medal is prepared by the IUPAP and its front side is the same for all Commissions and Affiliated Commissions.

b) A certificate containing the citation (with a maximum of 100 words).

c) A cash award determined by the IUPAP.1

The recipient is expected to deliver an invited presentation at a major ICO conference and it is recommended that the registration fee for the awardee be waived. Additional travel support can be obtained from other sources but it cannot be used to increase the amount of the cash award.

Nomination and selection procedure

For each triennial period the ICO appoints an IUPAP Prize Committee. Every year the ICO issues and distributes a call for nominations with a nomination deadline. The nominations are to be made in accordance with the general instructions as published on the ICO website. The Prize Committee evaluates the nominations and recommends a winner for the approval of the ICO Bureau. The Prize need not be given every year if the Prize Committee or the Bureau so decide.

Eligibility for the IUPAP Prize is not excluded by previous prizes that may have been awarded to the individual. Provided the time limitations are satisfied, unsuccessful nominations are considered for two subsequent years after the initial nomination, but the Nomination Committee may ask for updates of the nomination documents. After three years, a re-nomination can be made if the eight-year time limit is met. The nomination and selection procedure must overall be fair and open.


1During the triennial period 2009-2017, the amount is € 1,000.


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