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Rules and Code of Practice

9 - ICO Prize:

ICO established in 1982 the ICO Prize, to be given each year to an individual who has made a noteworthy contribution to optics, published or submitted for publication before he or she has reached the age of 40. (Specifically, the Prize winner must not have reached the age of 40 before December 31 of the year for which the Prize is awarded). The character of the work of successive Prize recipients should preferably alternate between predominantly experimental or technological and predominantly theoretical. The "noteworthy" contribution in optics is measured chiefly by its impact (past or possibly future) on the field of optics generally, opening a new subfield or significantly expanding an established subfield in research or technology.

The ICO Prize involves:

•a citation,

•a cash award of an amount established in the triennial budget of the ICO and indicated every year in the call for nominations

•travel support to attend said meeting to an amount to be determined by the Bureau1 ,

•waiver of registration fees at said meeting

•and the invitation to present an invited paper and receive the award at the next ICO Congress or another ICO meeting mutually agreed to by the Bureau and the award winner.2 

Every year, the ICO Prize Committee issues a call for nominations that is published in the ICO Newsletter, receives the nominations and selects the recipients for approval by the Bureau at its next meeting. The award needs not be made each year if the Prize Committee so chooses. The Prize is preferably given to an individual, but it can be shared by two persons. Eligibility for the Prize is not excluded by previous prizes awarded to the individual. The selected Prize winner is then announced in the ICO Newsletter and, if possible, in one or more optics journals. The prizes are presented at each ICO General Meeting.



1 For 2008-2017, these amounts are a cash award of US$2000 and up to US$1000 towards travel expenses.

2 In addition, the Carl Zeiss foundation has generously agreed to donate an Ernst Abbe medal up until 2010 and thereafter a laser engraved glass trophy.





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