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Rules and Code of Practice

8 - ICO Book:

ICO established in 1990 a series of books: the title "International Trends in Optics" has been chosen for the series. There is one volume every three years. The ICO President, the ICO past-President, or one of the ICO former Presidents, acts as the editor.

The books are intended to provide an authoritative overview of research that is underway in the field of optics throughout the world. The articles should be suitable for the specialist and non-specialist alike and should provide general, readable overviews of many different aspects of optical science and engineering. They should tend to be less formal than the standard technical reviews found in journals. In addition to examining their designated topics, the authors should also discuss unsolved research problems and speculate on future directions in their fields.

The royalties typically paid to the editor and the authors are instead paid to ICO.



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