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Rules and Code of Practice

4 - Classification for the participation of ICO in Meetings and Schools:

There are four categories for ICO participation in meetings and in summer (or fall, or winter, or spring) schools:

1 - ICO General Meetings

2 -Other major ICO events "; whenever appropriate, these events may receive the designation "ICO Special Meeting", "ICO Topical Meeting", "ICO School", "ICO Regional Meeting"

3 - ICO Cosponsored Meetings and Schools

4 - ICO Endorsed Meetings and Schools.

The applicable rules are given in the table.


SR: strictly required
UR: usually required
NR: not required
PO: possible
NO: usually not

Any meeting with ICO participation, classified in category 2,3 or 4 may be given by the Bureau the name of ICO Satellite Meetings if it is scheduled to take place within 15 days of an ICO General Meeting or other major ICO event.


1-ICO General
2-Other major ICO events

3-ICO Cosponsored

4-ICO Endorsed

a) ICSU rules on free movement of scientists SR SR SR
b) good scientific quality as perceived by the ICO Bureau SR SR SR
c) international character(typically > 30% participants and > 50% program Committee members from outside territory) SR SR SR
d) industrial participation in Committees UR UR UR
e) registration fee to follow IUPAP rules SR UR (see note) UR (see note)
f) timeliness very clear, novelty SR UR UR
g) participation in the ICO Proceedings Donation Programme UR UR NR
h) approval by Territorial Committee (if there is one) SR SR SR


1-ICO General
2-Other major ICO events

3-ICO Cosponsored

4-ICO Endorsed

h) ICO Secretary or Associate Secretary in Organising Committee SR UR NR
i) ICO designates one member of Programme Committee SR SR UR
j) ICO associated from the beginning (usually at least 18 months in advance) SR SR NR
k) use of ICO logo SR UR PO
l) grant PO PO NO
m) loan (reimbursable whether deficit or benefit) PO PO NO
n) participation in budget, risk and benefits PO PO NO
o) support for participation of scientists from regions of the world requiring special support PO PO PO
p) announcements in Newsletter SR SR PO
q) distribution of documents through ICO channels SR PO NO


Note on registration fees:

As a rule, ICO adheres to the IUPAP upper limit on registration fees. Even though the participation of scientists from disadvantaged areas usually requires special measures independently of the cost of registration, high registration fees tends to limit participation, in particular from students and to be a form of discrimination between scientists.

Specifically, ICO conferences submitted to IUPAP sponsorship must necessarily to follow the IUPAP limit in all cases. These are the General Meetings, Topical Meetings and other major ICO events — usually one per year. For the other events with ICO participation, registration fees higher than the limit can occasionally be accepted provided that an option exists for any scientist to request, at least six weeks in advance, application of the IUPAP limit and still be fully registered, perhaps with the exception of some social events. That option must be known to registrants.

Decision procedure:

The ICO Bureau approves all forms of ICO participation in international conferences, and authorizes the related grants:

*the meeting and school applications are processed twice annually, with the deadlines of applications on April 15 and October 15 of each year

*the applications must be received by ICO Secretariat by a deadline that is at least 12 months prior to the event and before the first announcement

*when the applications are received, the ICO President, Treasurer, and Secretary or Associate Secretary get in touch by some fast procedure and issue a memo including the background information relevant to the meeting. The memo may include a proposition concerning the category of ICO meeting applicable, the opportunity to grant the sponsorship requested, and the opportunity to grant financial support

*reply form is sent to the Bureau members; it includes the proposition

*in any event, if the approval by the relevant Territorial Committee is not clear from the application form, the Territorial Committee is contacted at the same time as the Bureau members and it has a right of veto for 45 days after the letter has been sent; the default is that there is no veto

*no later than one month after application deadline, the decisions are made on the basis of the replies obtained so far from the Bureau members. Only the votes received are counted, the votes not received are not considered as approvals of the proposition of the subcommittee.

Financial participation of ICO:

According to the table above, ICO may give a grant or a loan to meetings and schools of categories 1, 2 and 3. A special form of a grant, that can apply to all categories, is the financial support for the participation of scientists from regions of the world requiring special support. In that case, the amount is usually sent to the organisers with the instruction that they should spend it on financial support to identified scientists from such regions, inform the recipients of the support from ICO and send the list of recipients to ICO; whenever possible, the organisers should be requested to complement the ICO grant, for example by waiving the registration fees for the recipients.

Alternatively, ICO may also wish to take part where practicable in the risks or benefits of meetings and schools of categories 1, 2 and 3. That is possible, if the local law permits, in the following conditions:

*ICO accepts a financial responsibility up to an amount of X;

*the amount X is paid by ICO to the meeting organisers in the form of a treasury advance; it is made available to the organisers by the ICO Treasurer as soon as they request it;

*at the closing of the account and in no case later than one year after the meeting is finished,

if there is a deficit:

-if the deficit is smaller than X, ICO will cover it in its entirety, i.e. the organisers will only have to reimburse ICO the difference;

-if the deficit is larger than X, then ICO will cover it for an amount X, i.e. no money will be reimbursed to ICO;

if there is a surplus:

-if the surplus is smaller than 4X, ICO will receive 25 % of the surplus, i.e. the organisers will reimburse ICO the amount X plus a quarter of the surplus;

-if the surplus is larger than 4X, the organisers will reimburse ICO two times X.

Depending on circumstances, slight modifications to this scheme may be made by the Bureau.

Any given Bureau may approve meeting support up to the triennial Meeting Support budget for the triennium of its term, augmented with any return from previously granted participation in risk. Loans are not counted and are limited only by the approval of the Treasurer based on the account balance. There is continuity in the ICO Bureau, therefore the Bureau may approve meetings to be held after the next Bureau elections.

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