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2 - Membership:


This section complements article 3 of the statutes.

The following are normally provided by a Territorial Committee applying for full membership:

a) if the Territory is represented in IUPAP, a statement from the president of the body representing the Territory in IUPAP, that the Territorial Committee is authorised by that body to represent optical scientists and engineers of that Territory within ICO; if it is not, a motion to the same effect from a local scientific authority (Ministry, Academy, Council of Research,....);

b) a letter of application signed by the chair person or representative of the applicant Territorial Committee, including a statement of adherence of the Territorial Committee to the ICO Statutes;

c) a description of the organisation of the Territorial Committee, including the number of members, their designation procedure, their term of office, and the procedures that are set up to ensure a good representation of the optics community within the territory. If the Territory is not a member of IUPAP, the Territorial Committee and the ICO Secretary or Associate Secretary shall jointly take the necessary steps to request approval of the Territorial Committee by the council of IUPAP.

The application of a Territory for Associate Membership in ICO shall be made to the Secretary. It may be considered and approved by the Bureau. At the next General Meeting, the decision shall be made

  • either, subject to the desire of the applicant, to transform the associate membership into regular membership,
  • or to extend the associate membership until the next General Meeting,
  • or to terminate the associate membership.

In the case of a Territorial Committee applying for Associate Membership, item a) is required if the Territory is represented in IUPAP; item b) is always required.

The following are normally provided by an International Organisation Member applying for membership (whether as full member or as associate member, except for the number of shares, that applies only to full members):

a) a letter of application signed by the President or its duly appointed representative, mentioning approval by the appropriate bodies in the Organisation, expressing adherence to the ICO Statutes, and including a proposition for the number of shares;

b) a description of the operation of the Organisation, as provided for example by its bylaws, statutes, rules and codes of practice, and showing indication of its international character. This includes the requirement that at least 20% of the members are from outside the most represented country The advice of the Territorial Committee (if any) in the most represented country will be considered.

Organisation and duties of Territorial Committees

The Territorial Committees normally have members elected or designated by some agreed procedure, with a well defined term of office; it is usually convenient for them to have a bureau or at least a chairperson; their organisation secures in all cases :

  • a fair representation of the optics community in the Territory;
  • approval and support of the scientific authorities of the Territory (Ministry, Academy, council of Research,...).

The ICO Bureau may at any time request information from the Territorial Committees about their organisation as described above.

Territorial committees maintain mailing lists of at least an extensive representative subset of the optics community in the territory. They will include in the mailing list any bona fide scientist with an address in their Territory and requesting to be included. They distribute at no charge to ICO any document sent to them in an appropriate quantity either by the ICO bureau or on its behalf. This applies in particular to the ICO Newsletter and to the Meetings and Schools with ICO participation.

Number of votes of International Organisation Members:

The number of votes Nv2 of an International Organisation Member is determined according to its number of shares Ns2 according to the following formula, rounded to the nearest integer but with a minimum of 1:


[Explanation note: e.g., assume the Territorial Committee members together have 200 shares and 100 votes. If the International Organisation Members (IOMs) together have 100 shares, they will have 50 votes (apart from round off errors). If the IOM have 200 shares, they will have 100 votes. If the IOM have 250 shares, they will still have 100 votes and no more. In fact, this is unlikely to happen in the near future, but this rule has been established in response to the concern about the Territorial Committee Members being dominated by the International Organisation Members and losing control of the ICO.]

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