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Rules and Code of Practice of the International Commission for Optics

Adopted by the ICO-16 General Meeting, Budapest, August 1993.
Modified by the ICO-17 General Meeting, Tajeon, August 1996.
Modified by the ICO-18 General Meeting, San Francisco, August 1999.
Modified by the ICO-19 General Meeting, Florence, August 2002.
Modified by the ICO-20 General Meeting, Changchun,August 2005
Modified by the ICO-21 General Meeting, Sidney, July 2008
Modified by the ICO-22 General Meeting, Puebla, August 2011

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Article 13 of the statutes of the International Commission for Optics mentions the possibility of establishing rules and codes of practice for ICO. In its meeting in Garmisch Partenkirchen on August 5, 1990, the ICO Bureau decided to setup such rules. These rules replace those adopted earlier and published in "Towards ICO-XII", May 1982, pp 69-70.

The rules and codes of practice may not contravene the Statutes of the ICO. They are proposed by the Bureau. The adoption, modification, or abolition of any rule or code of practice shall require either a majority of two-thirds of the members voting at a General Meeting of the Commission, or alternatively a majority of two-thirds of the total number of votes of all Members in a postal vote on a proposal unanimously approved by the Bureau.